We asked our wedding couples to choose their most meaningful photo from their wedding day. It's amazing to hear what photos resonated with them and reaffirms our belief that authentic moments are the most meaningful. Click on the arrows below to read their thoughts and stories behind their photos. 

"We are completely blown away by how amazing our pictures are! You two are absolutely incredible, you captured every moment perfectly, and we will always cherish these photos. Pete and I just got home from our honeymoon, we haven't touched the suitcases, but we keep looking over our photos over, and over, and over again, reliving every minute of that day... We will forever be grateful to you two!"


"Michelle and Chris are absolutely amazing to work with. They make you feel relaxed right away and are so much fun that you'll want to hang out with them after your wedding!  It's been months since the wedding, but I probably still look through the photos weekly. I've been to weddings where the photographers are so intrusive that you always know where they are and they're always blocking your view of the bride and groom. I don't know how they did it, but I never really noticed Michelle and Chris at the ceremony or reception and our guests commented on that as well. "


"O-M-G is about all I could say when Jared and I saw the preview pictures from the wedding.  When I saw that first picture of Jared holding Charlie (the dog) and walking in the house, I knew they were all going to be sooo amazing.  I am so glad we get to have a whole book of photos because I do not know how I would be able to make a choice on which photo out of all of those we would pick.  I seriously can not get over how amazing they all look."